Uni Q Creations to Contribute to Exclusive Celebrity Gift Bag for Jenny McCarthy!


Opportunity Knocked Twice….My Gift for Jenny McCarthy!

Once Again I got an amazing opportunity to gift a famous celebrity who I admire for many reasons. We have so many things in common. She’s a mom who has a son with Autism, She’s a Woman Entrepreneur, She’s an advocate for Autism Awareness and that is why I am honored to say I was able to send a piece of my handmade jewelry to


Not only was I able to send her a gift of something I created personally for her but I was also asked by Valerie, The Founder of The Artisan Group, if I wanted to coordinate the bag that was being sent to Jenny McCarthy.

What did I say? Of Course! I wasn’t going to turn it down by no means. First it was such an honor to be asked and such an opportunity. I jumped for joy at the chance. Now I had to hold my tongue about the whole thing for a week which was no easy feat let me tell ya, but I told the world when I got the go ahead. So exciting.

Ok so heres what I sent to her in the bag:


Click Here to purchase your own Autism Awareness Bracelet just like the one sent to Jenny!

So many more opportunities are on the horizon….

Stay tuned…and Thanks again for reading!



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